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The History of Sensor Health!

25 years of being committed to science, committed to our industry and committed to our community. Sensor Health Sciences has been a provider of various products and services for the Diagnostic Health Care Industry for the past 25 years. While facilitating and maintaining long term relationships with Distributors, Diagnostic Laboratories, Hospitals and Veterinarians throughout North America.

Founded in 1996 and going by the name of Sensor Health Products Inc. at the time, began supplying laboratories across Canada with diagnostic urinalysis for humans known as Multistix 10. After a few short years, Sensor Health Products began to supply internationally.

President, Paul Williamson set Sensor Health Products up for success with his prior laboratory background of 15 years. During those 15 years, Paul had roles ranging from purchasing, to marketing, to leasing. This extensive background led him to other opportunities for diagnostic reagents.

Paul then owned a Veterinary Laboratory that did diagnostic testing for 4 years.

Shortly after in 2002, Sensor Health Products met with a manufacturer that had a product designed for vet usage. From there, Sensor Health Products added a Sensor Health Veterinary division that purchased and remarketed a collection of products for resale in North America.

Marissa was brought on in 2007 as VP of Sensor Health Vet. Marissa was a key asset in developing sales through veterinary clinics, continued education establishments, colleges and universities. She sought out and built relationships with Vet Purchasing Groups which lead to product development, selection and promotion.

Sensor Health Vet continued to grow rapidly, with Marissa and her team attending 6 Vet Trade shows a year as well as making personal visits to clinics and Vet Purchasing Groups.

A sister company called My Drug Test was developed 6 years ago so that people could test themselves with anonymity. From there, the Drugs of Abuse tests were incorporated into the Sensor Health Vet product line.

2020 of March 2020 the foundation was built for our Covid Division through the inquiries of Public Health Ontario. Sensor Health began supplying products such as flocked swabs and transport media that were not available in North America. This allowed the company to grow by 80+ new hires and rebrand to Sensor Health Sciences.

Sensor Health Sciences – 2021

Now, in 2021 we are proud to operate under the new business name of Sensor Health Sciences, a diagnostic test supplier with 3 distinctive divisions – Medical, Veterinary and COVID. Separating our brand into 3 divisions of their own has allowed us to focus on each industry as their own entity allowing us to continue to provide exceptional customer service.